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Welcome to Galore Bake Studio, where every slice tells a story and every cake celebrates the beauty of life. Our brand is more than just a bakery; we are a passionate community of cake enthusiasts who believe in making a difference.


We believe that creativity knows no bounds. Galore Bake Studio is the perfect haven for you to freely express your emotions and showcase your creative side, especially through our DIY Bento Cake Decorating Workshops! Our cakes are not just desserts; they are beautiful masterpieces that commemorate joyous occasions and create lasting memories. We take pride in crafting customised creations that reflect your unique personality and style.


So come, join our community, celebrate life, and let your imagination run wild. Together, let's make the world a sweeter and more compassionate place, one slice of cake at a time.

Our Services

Pink Cream


Unleash your creativity and satisfy your sweet tooth with our DIY Decorating & Baking Workshops – where every sprinkle and stroke brings your imagination to life!


Team-Building/Private Workshop/studio rental

Elevate teamwork and tailor-made experiences with our exclusive Team-Building/Private Workshop/Event offerings – forging bonds and creating memorable moments beyond the ordinary!


Customised Bakes & Desserts

Indulge in the art of sweetness with our Customised Bakes & Desserts – where every confection is a personalised masterpiece, just as unique as your cravings!


Book a Workshop



Rent a table at our cozy baking studio for a minimum of 3 hours, and choose from three convenient time slots that fit your schedule. We provide a table, basic baking equipment, and tools, so you’ll have everything you need for a fantastic baking session. Feel free to bring your own baking tools if you’d like. We can also supply all your chosen ingredients for a small extra fee, making your experience even more hassle-free.


 Happy baking!


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