Pink Cream

Who are we and our mission!


Galore Bake Studio is a new boutique bakery and baking studio that offers both DIY baking and instructor-based lessons.


Unlike other baking studios, we focus mainly on providing affordable workshops to the youths and young adults in Singapore. Our mission is to create   a safe space for one to explore how to construct magnificent baking creations at their own pace.

We hope to continue building and inspire the young community to pick up a new skill and enjoy baking!


About Gladys, co-founder of GBS 


Hey everyone! First of all, thank you for taking the time to read about me! Baking has always been an activity that I do to distress myself. There's something so therapeutic about the process of baking and seeing the end product comes alive is so satisfying.  Do you ever get goosebumps when someone compliments your bakes? Well I do, and that is an amazing feeling that I can't describe.


It took me awhile to realize what I want to do and what can I possibly bring to the table. I started selling burnt cheesecake to my family and friends, words got out and my bakes finally got its recognition! I then ventured out to exploring bento cakes as it was starting to get popular in Singapore. 

After graduating, I was lucky to have the opportunity to start my own bakery and baking studio at the age of 20. GBS is Singapore's very 1st baking studio that offers DIY Bento Cake Decorating Workshop. During the first launch, all workshops were all sold out and I can't thank you all enough for your support! 

Moving forward, my mission is to reach out to more youths in Singapore and providing them a platform to explore their creativity through baking.


GBS is not your typical bakery and baking studio.  GBS is a community for and supports the Youths.